JS303 ISOP Curved Ash pan

Important! We strongly recommend reading the specification PDF below before ordering.

This is a JS303 ISOP Curved Ash pan.
At RCT Fireplace, all of our Ash pans are made to measure to your specifications.
All ash pans should be able to fit comfortably under the grate but with enough space to allow easy removal for cleaning.

Ash pans are designed to fit under your fire grate to collect ash, embers, soot and debris from your burning fire. By emptying the ash pan on a regular basis, it will help benefit your fuel efficiency.
Ash pans should always be emptied when cold and always ensure that ash doesn’t build up, so it touches the fire bar.

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This can be made in either Black or with a Bare Steel finish. You can also have a handle, a knob or without either.

Download Specification